Student Needs

The Port Angeles Education Foundation’s Student Needs Committee awards funds to purchase medical services, dental services, mental health counseling and necessary school supplies, PE uniforms, ROTC uniforms, school activity fees, music lessons, shoes, clothing, graduation cap/gown fees, and toiletries for basic hygiene need.  School district personnel have come to rely upon this safety net fund to meet a critical need in the district.


Teachers, school counselors, principals and other school staff complete an application identifying students in need, acknowledging other funding sources have been explored, and verifying the student is low income.  Persons interested in participating in this program should contact their school principal or student counselor.


Funds are used to purchase necessary items and services, to enhance educational opportunities, and ensure basic needs are met. There are no administrative expenses associated with the Port Angeles Education Foundation’s administration and distribution of the funds. The Port Angeles Education Foundation Student Needs Committee works with Port Angeles businesses to set up accounts so the student's needs can be immediately met and the business assured of payment.


Major Contributors to this fund include:

  • The Albert Haller Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Worley