School and Teacher Grants

The Port Angeles Education Foundation strongly supports the efforts of district educators to bring new materials into the classroom.  Toward this end, the Foundation has been providing funds to educators since 1991. Past awards have been used to pay for field trip transportation, artist and author visits, theatrical workshops, science lectures and field study, technology, etc.

We encourage applicants to submit their non-curricular material request to the PAEF for consideration next year.  Awarded funds will be available in early November and must be spent by June 30.


2017-18 Grants Awarded


The 2018 Application period is TBD.  The application below is a sample and will not be accepted in 2018.

2017 Guide to Seeking Funding

School-Teacher Grant Application (Word)

School-Teacher Grant Reporting Form



Missoula Childrens Theater Dry Creek 2017

Missoula Childrens Theater production of The Snow Queen with Port Angeles elementary school students.

Describe one skill you learned during the theater program.  How will that skill help you?

"I learned how to listen well!  This skill can help me anywhere!" - 1st grader

"I learned not be embarrassed.  If I'm not embarrassed it will help me talk in front of people." - 4th grader.

"I learned to be patient.  It will help me when I bake and cook for my family." - 6th grader