By investing in our students’ potential, we aim to turn the dream of a quality education into solid reality, helping to create a brighter future.

The Port Angeles Education Foundation offers annual and recurring scholarships to Port Angeles and Lincoln High School students through the Scholarship Notebook process.

In addition to our own Academic Scholarship Fund, PAEF manages endowment funds established by donors to award scholarships based on specific criteria, including the following:

  • Christian & Karen Aaes 
  • William Bissell 
  • Ken & Charlotte Bradford-Hutchinson Jewelers
  • William Gallacci 
  • Helen Gariepy
  • Ryan Giger Memorial
  • Kathleen Rae Halloran Memorial 
  • Corven & Elfrieta Kepplinger
  • Charlotte Kirby 
  • Emily Meyer
  • Wayne & Mary Shields 
  • Christine Thomas Memorial


It's not necessary to establish an endowment to contribute to a scholarship fund.  The Foundation also works with donors who prefer to make an annual donation, including: 

  • Andrew Palmer Memorial
  • Cooke Aquaculture Pacific
  • Michael Kalish Memorial
  • Pathways to Prosperity
  • Gladys Christopher Pollanz Fund
  • Popsicle Bridge Engineering Competition


Please contact us if you are interested in creating an endowment or annual award as a scholarship or program supporting public school students in Port Angeles.